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Breasts (part 2)

Last time I talked in general terms about boobs and having fun with them. This time I want to get abit more specific and ads adult arkansas free swinger give you some suggestions on how to work on your babe’s boobs and what will give her the best sensations and what won’t. Fortunately no two girls are the same so what works for me and many other chicks may not work on your babe; lets face it, there are some girls out there who don’t want their tits to be touched free california swinger site by anyone. Personally I love guys playing with my tits and whenever my partner and I are just cuddling I’m not happy unless he spends some time fondling my boobs, afterall my boobs are there for a reason, and that reason is HIM.

Obviously you all realise free swinger dating services that tits come in all shapes and sizes from very small up to very large. I’ve had fun with a girl who really had no tits at all just very large nipples. On the other hand my natural D’s while big are not the biggest natural tits out there. I am sure that you have all seen pics on various websites of babes with free swinger vids natural boobs up to sizes so big that they would kill you if they ever fell on you. It’s just as well that girls’ boobs come in all shapes and sizes because guys’ tastes differ too. Some guys love babes with very little up top, my friend with nothing but nipples has no shortage of guys who want to get her into free xxx swingers bed. Other guys like flirting with potential injury and only want to play with the biggest tits they can find and in between there are guys who just like tits no matter what size they come in. I suppose with all this variation and interest in girls’ boobs it was not long before scientists began looking at them free amateur swinger photo too (the little perverts!?!).

Now there is an free swinger directory excuse if ever I heard one, why didn’t they just say they wanted to look at tits because they like looking at tits? I know a couple of scientists intimately and they’re just as randy as any other guy but they do like to be discreet so I guess hiding their interest behind a scientific study into tits is understandable. The meet swingers free studies have shown that while babes with big tits have the most fun it’s the babes with the perky little tits that have the most sensation. Evidently the longer you stretch nerve fibre the less amount of sensation that is passed along it so babes with little tits have shorter nerve fibres than babes with big tits. free swinger party This means that when you lick or nibble a small tit you will produce more sensation for the owner of that tit and give them a bigger buzz than you will give a girl who has big or droopy tits.

When talking about boobs adult free personals swinger it’s impossible to overlook those wonderful little brown thingies that sit on the end of most boobs, the nipples. Big nipples have lots of nerve endings in them and when given the right sort of attention these nerve endings can send a girl into orgasm very easily I know from personal experience. On the other totally free swingers hand big nipples can be over sensitive and produce so much sensation that it becomes painful for the girl. So tread warily until you know how much sensation your babe gets from her big nipples. Small nipples tend to be less sensitive and for many girls with small nipples the areola (the brown circular area around the free sex swingers club nipple) is more sensitive and the area on the areola between 10 and 2 is the place to play. A small percentage of girls have inverted nipples but they get just as much sensation from sucking, licking and touching as other girls do.

So in case you’re texas swingers wondering, here is what works for me. If you’re going to suck my boobs then you should definitely not suck so hard you are going to bruise me no girl likes to be damaged like that, especially a hooker because bruising will cost her money. Instead don’t be too gentle either, just a nice firm suck and while you’re texas swingers club doing it run your tongue around my nipples and I’ll get so wet you will be able to feel my juices running all over your balls. If you want to nibble be gentle hold my nipples in your teeth and gently pull and you will very quickly here how loudly I can moan. If you want to touch my breasts then cup them in swingers in texas your hands and squeeze gently or even run your fingers lightly around the areola and flick the nipples gently now and again. Treat me like that and you’ll get special treatment in return every time.

Now I suppose I swingers club in texas should tell you what the experts say will please a woman. I’m not sure what qualifies these people as experts seeing that they are all men but I do want to give you a balanced view. The experts suggest that if your babe has big boobs then she gets the best sensation while lying on her back and you should concentrate on the outside of the breasts below the armpits and use your tongue and fingertips with a light flicking motion. A little nibbling may be good too. After reading that all I can say is that I’m glad I don’t have those experts playing with my boobs.

As I said before, that is not going to apply to everyone and it certainly doesn’t apply to me. If it’s a guy I like then nothing gets me hornier than sitting on his cock while he sucks, nibbles and plays. The sensation when I’m lying on my back is nice too but it isn’t anywhere near as good as what I get when I’m on top If your babe has small breasts the experts suggest that you should gently bounce your babes tits around in the cups of your hands remembering that small tits are much more sensitive than big ones. If you’re lady is breastfeeding an infant then you should be as gentle as you can because the baby has probably tried to suck her breasts off her chest. Be patient with her if she doesn’t want you to touch her breasts and if she does then you should concentrate on the underneath part of them.

Finally there are those babes who have filled up their chest with silicon for whatever reason. If done correctly implants will not affect the sensations that the girl will get when you play with her tits. These babes seem to get the most sensation when you start away from their nipples and gradually move your tongue or fingers in towards the nipples. So there you have a ton of information about tits and how to handle them. Perhaps you think you don’t need this sort of information, unfortunately it is my experience that the vast majority of guys who see me have no idea what to do when presented with a pair of eager boobs just begging to be handled correctly.

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